"Calendar" page type is a native page allowing to organize and keep track of the events in your agenda.

The elements of the this page type are currently not customizable and the image in the Edit mode also has no clickable areas, thus the calendar can only be previewed in the SeattleCloud's previewer apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Kindle.

Calendar page as seen on the device:

New events can be added with the "+" plus button.

Tapping on "New Event" you can specify a title for the event.

Also you can select from the list of event categories.

You can set the location for a specific event.

You can specify a beginning and an ending date/time for the event.

When done with specifications the event will be listed in the calendar.

Outdated or cancelled events can be deleted. 


In the "Day" view mode one can see the hours of the event. 

Each event category can be distinguished by its color.