The dictionary page type can be used to create native-looking dynamic lists/tables. Tapping on an item can open another list or perform an action (playback video, dial a phone number, display location on map). Lists support sections (groups of items), index and search.

Editing is performed in Edit Dictionary Page. Content can be previewed on device only.

By default the page includes several lists. Each list can include one or more sections. Each section can include one or more items. Items can be dragged to place in the required order within section.

Items from one list can interact with other lists or trigger actions.
For instance the "root" list contains the items called "Contacts", "Dictionary", etc.
Tapping on these items will display content of the lists called "Contracts", "Dictionary", etc, respectively.

Lists can be added, edited, removed.

NB : The list with id 'root' must be preserved (this is the list that is displayed on page launch).

List parameters include:
Id - identify the list.
Style - (plain /grouped) display list items as plain list or group them.
Section index – if enabled, adds the index bar on the right side of the page.
Section index allows fast scrolling to particular section.
Text search – if enabled, adds a search bar to the top of page.
Text search allow to search by first letter/ word contained in the list item.

Sections can have individual titles.
List items are contained within the section.

Item parameters include:

Text:  item title (main text)
Detail text:  detailed text of the item
Detail text lines:  number of lines to display the detail text of item (0 = unlimited lines, 3 = 3 lines of text maximum)
Action:  set an action to be performed when item list is tapped

  List – open another list (in the field “Action param” specify the name of that list)
  Tel – dial a phone number (in the field “Action param” specify the phone number)
  Mailto – launch Mail app (in the field “Action param” specify the email of the adressee) 
  Open – open a webpage (in the field “Action param” specify the URL)
  Map – launch Map app and displays a location (in the field “Action param” specify address)
  Video – plays a video file (in the field “Action param” specify the link to the video file) 

Action param:  is a parameter specified depending on the type of action set for the list item.
Style:  (default, subtitle, style1, style2) allows to chose the text layout. 

Specimen of styles can be viewed in the lists Plain styles and Grouped styles.