Email attachment type page is a native page allowing to attach a photo taken right before the email is sent or attach an image stored in the library of the device.

Page must be previewed on the device since the image displayed in Edit Email Attachment Page has no clickable areas. Customization of the page includes possibility to predefine: email addresses of the recipients, subject and body of the emailed message:

Attachment type:

Camera photo – will launch camera and the shot taken will be automatically attached to the email.

Photo Library image – will open the Photo library of the device where previously taken photos and screenshots are stored. Selected image will be automatically attached to the email.

New recipients can be added in the To: / Cc / Bcc sections of the email.
These can also been removed. Subject and body of email can be edited prior to sending the message. 

Taping on the (+) button will open the list of contacts stored on your device, which can be searched and added to the list of recipients.

Upon taping the Send button you will be prompted about message size and option to scale the attached image.

When done a message will popup confirming successful transfer of the email. 

If you decide to cancel the email you will have the option to either Delete Draft or Save Draft (will be stored in the Drafts of your Mailbox on the device).