One of the most popular native pages for an app is the FeedBack page. 

In order to add a feedback page type to your app, access its dashboard and click on "+" (add new page) button. 

Once added, go to edit the page itself. 

Here, you may add as many input fields as you need, change the labels for them (input field name), make the fields required or not, etc. 

Design a header image, upload it to the resource manager and set it up as the header of your app's feedback page.

In order to have the feedback page work properly, make sure to mention the "Target e-mail" address, which is supposed to be your e-mail address, where all the feedback/copy of the feedback will be sent to. 

By adding a new input field item you may change its type, label (description name) and the requirement value (yes/no). 

Below you may find short descriptions for each of the available field items. 

By adding the e-mail type field, the end user will have the option to send the feedback to a specific e-mail address. However, remember that in this case the feedback will be sent both to an entered e-mail address and a copy of it will be going to the target e-mail. 

Mostly the date and time fields are added when there is a need to use the feedback page type as a appointment form, or to set up a meeting, etc. 

By adding a list field and adding some List items, you are giving the possibility for the end user to simply select an item from the available options. 

Once you click the "Pick" button, you are re-directed to the world map, by having the option to pick a specific location. 

Text Field Type: 

This field type is a basic type-in-message field. 

Image input field type gives you the option to select an image from the image gallery store on your device and use it for the feedback purposes. 

And the last input field type is "Camera". By tapping the "Take" button, you are given the option to initiate your device's camera and take a picture that will be used further as the feedback image.