Because Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have become major platforms on which to read eBooks, SoLoMo developers designed a new ePub reader page type with which we want to give similar experience in users reading process  as modern eReader devices.

Now, it's very easy to add an eBook in your application 

Add a new page and choose from Page Type Resource Manager the “ePub Reader” page type.

Upload your eBook to Resource Manager

* The last step is to choose from Resource Manager your eBook.

**NOTE: Only .epub file type accepted.

And now you can check using Previewer App on your mobile device how it looks.


ePub Reader page type transforms your application into a book, with all properties of a modern eBook Reader dedicated device.

* You can choose the chapter

* Resume Reading

* Swipe pages by tapping on the left/right part of the screen

* Swipe pages by sliding

* Landscape and Portrait mode supported.