Loyalty Page is a feature that rewards customers for making purchases from the same vendor or company. Loyalty programs may offer prizes, reward points, future discounts and other incentives designed to keep customers coming back and doing repeat business with you.They work on paper and work even better on a phone because it's one less piece of paper that isn't money in your wallet. Set up one or many items eligible for loyalty program page. You set the rules to products that you make eligible, in terms of how many stamps the customer must reach before rewarding.


                             Edit Loyalty Page


1) Write down the name of the Loyalty

2) Upload a coupon image from Resource Manager or Personal Gallery

3) Set up a secret code for the Loyalty

4) Set an amount of  stamps you want to have. (see the screen below)


5) Make up a personalized image stamp and upload. (see the screen below)


6) Make up a personalized image stamp and upload. (see the screen below)


7) Write down a short description about your Loyalty Program.

      How Does It Works

 The user clicks the "Get Stamp" button from the device. Then he hands the device to the vendor who will stamp the secret code of the Loyalty Card.


If the secret code is correct then then there will be a message - "The card has been stamped successfully" and an image stamp will appear on the screen.


Once the user collected all the stamps, a message will apear on the screen - "Show this screen to the vendor", then the user will be able to use the coupon.


       Once the coupon has been used , the Loyalty program will start again.