The RSS Pro page type is used to display the list of RSS feeds loaded from a specified URL. It is possible to customize design of the main page containing the RSS feeds. 
RSS Pro is used together with RSS Pro Details page in which the content of the feed is displayed. In RSS Pro Details you can customize design and outlay of the content. 

RSS Pro must be tested on device using  previewer app.

Customization of RSS Pro is done in the Edit RSS page.

You can change the header image;
link to the feed details page (an RSS Pro Details type page in your project app) and;
specify the URL of RSS:

Customization of design and layout is achieved by editing appropriate styles in the HTML code of the page.

Ex: Edit within the style tag.

RSS Pro page displaying list of feeds (seen on the device)

Customization of RSS Pro Detail is done in the Edit HTML Page
Page is edited as an ordinary HTML page. Use word editing tools to customize font, size, color, background, etc of the page and content that will be displayed (the RSS feed). 

Customization of design and layout can also be achieved by editing property values of classes defined in style.css

RSS Pro Details page displaying the feed (seen on the device)

Finally specify the page to navigate to from RSS Pro Details.


These pages use special tags [%= %] to populate the page with content of the respective tag from the RSS feed. 
For instance:
1 [%=title%]
is populated with the content of “title” tag of the RSS feed:
1 <title>Blog</title>
1 [%=content%]
2 [%=description%]
are populated with content of the respective tag of the RSS feed:
1 <content>...</content>
For a link the following structure should be used:
1 <a href="[%=link%]">text or special tag</a>