SoLoMo developers designed a new interactive page type "Memo Games". Memo game is an interesting Classic Memory Game that can test and improve your visual memory skills.

To add a Memo Game into your app please follow this tutorial.

1) To add a Memo Game into your app go to the App Dashboard -> Edit Pages - > (+) To add a New Page

Choose Memo Game page type, give a name for this page and press Create button.

2) Next step will be to choose an image file from the resource manager for Hidden Images in game. 

**NOTE: Memo Games uses 100p x 100p images, otherwise our system will auto resize your picture to fit in 100 x 100 cell.

Also you need to create new resource files by pressing on Add (+) button or delete the resources you do not need by pressing Delete (-) button.

3) Add an image from Resource Manager for every Resource.

You need 18 resources for an iPhone/iPod Memo Game (6x6) or 28 resources for iPad (7x8).

4) Press SAVE

Now you can try your game using SoLoMo Previewer application.

My game look like this: