Here you may add an image and once you access the puzzle page through within your app, you may shuffle it (randomize the pieces), then just enjoy playing this little game. 

It may be not much, but it is interactive and makes you kill some time trying to put all the pieces together :) 

Well, getting back to the instructions. 

To add the puzzle page type to your app go to your application's dashboard and access the "Edit pages" link.

Then click "+" (Add new pages) button and select the Puzzle page from the available list and click "Create" to actually add the page.

Now you need to add an image to the puzzle page. Thus, click on "Edit" button next to the newly added puzzle page,

and once re-directed to the page Editor click "..." button to call up the Resource Manager. 

Upload the image to the resource manager of your application first. Then switch to the "Resources" tab and find the uploaded image among the list of the stored files. Highlight/select the image file and click on "Choose" button. 

After you shown the path to the puzzle image make sure to click "Save" button in order to have the changes applied. 

You may now access your application to test the puzzle page through the latest SoLoMo Previewer app. 

Check out the below screenshots to see how the puzzle page looks within your app: 

Now tap "Randomize" to have the image image split into smaller puzzle pieces and have them shuffled. 


Stuck with putting the puzzle pieces together? Tap "Preview" to see how the image initially looks like.